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Sometimes it is evident how to name a new yarn. For this yarn we chose the name Epic. Did you already found out why?

1. Kleur

001 White001 White002 Cream002 Cream003 Ecru003 Ecru004 Birch004 Birch005 Clay005 Clay006 Taupe006 Taupe007 Cigar007 Cigar008 Teak008 Teak009 Limestone009 Limestone010 Vanilla010 Vanilla011 Golden Glow011 Golden Glow012 Lemon012 Lemon013 Sunglow013 Sunglow014 Sunflower014 Sunflower015 Mustard015 Mustard016 Cantaloupe016 Cantaloupe017 Papaya017 Papaya018 Bronze018 Bronze019 Sorbus019 Sorbus020 Orange020 Orange021 Sunset021 Sunset022 Fiery Orange022 Fiery Orange023 Brick023 Brick024 Chestnut024 Chestnut025 Brownie025 Brownie026 Satay026 Satay027 Brunet027 Brunet028 Soil028 Soil029 Burgundy029 Burgundy030 Red Wine030 Red Wine031 Cardinal031 Cardinal032 Pepper032 Pepper033 Raspberry033 Raspberry034 Deep Cerise034 Deep Cerise035 Girly Pink035 Girly Pink036 Lollipop036 Lollipop037 Cotton Candy037 Cotton Candy038 Peony Pink038 Peony Pink039 Salmon039 Salmon040 Pink Sand040 Pink Sand041 Coral041 Coral042 Peach042 Peach043 Pearl043 Pearl044 Light Pink044 Light Pink045 Blossom045 Blossom046 Pastel Pink046 Pastel Pink047 Old Pink047 Old Pink048 Antique Pink048 Antique Pink049 Fuchsia049 Fuchsia050 Purple Bordeaux050 Purple Bordeaux051 Plum051 Plum052 Orchid052 Orchid053 Violet053 Violet054 Grape054 Grape055 Lilac055 Lilac056 Lavender056 Lavender057 Clematis057 Clematis058 Amethyst058 Amethyst059 Dark Blue059 Dark Blue060 Navy Blue060 Navy Blue061 Denim061 Denim062 Larimar062 Larimar063 Ice Blue063 Ice Blue064 Nordic Blue064 Nordic Blue065 Turquoise065 Turquoise066 Blue Lake066 Blue Lake067 Pacific Blue067 Pacific Blue068 Sapphire068 Sapphire069 Petrol Blue069 Petrol Blue070 Petroleum070 Petroleum071 Riverside071 Riverside072 Glass072 Glass073 Jade Gravel073 Jade Gravel074 Opaline Glass074 Opaline Glass075 Green Ice075 Green Ice076 Mint076 Mint077 Green Beryl077 Green Beryl078 Bottle078 Bottle079 Aventurine079 Aventurine080 Eucalyptus080 Eucalyptus081 Lettuce081 Lettuce082 Grass082 Grass083 Peridot083 Peridot084 Pistachio084 Pistachio085 Pesto085 Pesto086 Peony Leaf086 Peony Leaf087 Amazon087 Amazon088 Forest088 Forest089 Gold089 Gold090 Olive090 Olive091 Khaki091 Khaki092 Pea Green092 Pea Green093 Cold Green093 Cold Green094 Silver094 Silver095 Soft Grey095 Soft Grey096 Shark Grey096 Shark Grey097 Shadow097 Shadow098 Graphite098 Graphite099 Anthracite099 Anthracite100 Black100 Black
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Sometimes it is evident how to name a new yarn. For this yarn we chose the name Epic. Why? We gladly explain that further.

First, this yarn is made of 100% cotton. It therefore has a natural look and feels soft. Second, you can choose from an astonishing 100 colours. That is Epic in the first place! But best of all is the price of this yarn. With a suggested retail price of only €1,50 per ball even the largest projects remain budget-friendly.

And that is why this yarn is Epic.




Iron, medium


Do not bleach