Privacy & cookies

On this page you can find our privacy policy. These terms were made in corporation with lawyers. If you have any questions regarding the document below? Please contact us by mailing to We will answer your question as soon as possible.

This document was adjusted on: 22 februari 2018.


Your privacy is really important for us. Therefor we do our very best to safeguard your personal information. All information we do store is encrypted. Obviously we don’t store your credit card information. We can also promise you that we will never sell any information to third parties. Promised.

We use Google Analytics in order to improve our website and services. Google Analytics is a program that gathers information about the visitors and their behaviour on This information is always anonymous. We know what the crowd does but not you as a person.


What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file that is send to your computer by the browser. This file can include some information that was “gathered” during your visit on our website. For instance the contents of your shopping cart.

Cookies are a well known internet technique that is used on numerous websites and webshops. Want to know more about cookies? We advise you consult the following websites: or

Why do we use cookies?
As mentioned earlier we use cookies to store some information about your visit on our website. For instance the contents of your shopping cart, your account information or shipping address. This saves you time because the browser can fill the shipping address for you.

We use cookies only to enhance your customer experience.  They will not be sold to third parties and are stores safely. Promised.

Opting out of cookies
You can adjust your privacy settings in your browser. In the most browsers you can find the instructions in the “Help” menu.

Already unsubscribed for cookies? 
Cookies are used to enhance your customer experience. Therefor we suggest to always accept cookies. Its okay if you do not want to. However, take in to account that the webshop might not work the way you want. Data might not be stored properly, your shopping basket may not (or with difficulty) save your purchases, and problems can also occur with selections and filters. We ask you for your understanding.