#2 Stitches – crochet

#2 Stitches – crochet
14 May 2018 Manon
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Crochet – single crochet

Anyone that follows me on Instagram knows how much I love stitches. I even use a special # when I post photos of my stitches: #petitpetitestitches. In this blog series, we’ll be taking a look at all types of knitting stitches and crochet stitches I have made using Yarn and Colors yarn. I hope to show you what a difference the type of yarn you use can have on a stitch. I’m looking forward to sharing with you already!

In this first blog, I’ll be starting at the very beginning and we’ll be looking at crocheting a single crochet (in British we call this a double crochet). I love the structure of a single crochet. It’s the easiest stitch, that’s why it’s the ultimate beginners stitch, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the results it gives! Thanks to how close the stitches are together and how tight this makes your project it can be used for a numerous amount of projects. Obviously, your project becomes much more flexible when using a bigger hook.


This is how you crochet a single crochet, or sc (dc in British):

Chain the number of stitches you want to start with. (Image 1,2,3)

Insert your hook into the second chain from the stitch, yarn over and pull the new loop through the chain. (Image 4)

Now yarn over again and pull the yarn through both of the loops on your hook. (Image 5)

There you have it, your first single crochet! (Image 6)

The two single crocheted squares show us the differences between Must-Have and Charming. Must-Have has a very ‘clean’ look and Charming looks very fluffy due to the color mélange and the pieces of fluff poking out. A great project to do with both of these yarns is making cuddly toys.

The squares made using Super Charming, Super Must-Have and Epic have a totally different look as well. Super Must-Have has a gorgeous shine and looks very chunky. I used this yarn and this stitch to make our Market Bag. Epic is very matte and you can see that the yarn is very twiny. I really love this yarn and that’s why I used it for our Block Blanket. Super Charming is very cuddly and looks so very soft.

The square I made using Fabulous could be sold as is. All I’d have to do is add a little loop and then it would be ready to use as a potholder or as a coaster for my teapot. Because this yarn consists of 50% acrylic it is voluptuous without becoming too heavy.

Single crocheting with our more robust yarns also gives a beautiful result. Urban feels like a wintery yarn because of its dense structure. You can see each round so clearly.

Fresh gives projects a messy feeling which is also great. Our designer Suzanne made a pattern for the Fresh Deco Basket with this yarn (it’s the white one on the photo below).

You can also crochet in the round using single crochet. It looks completely different than in squares because the lines going from left to right you can usually see so clearly are now gone.

I also made our Basic Basket using double crochet but this time I used a double strand. It gives the basket a completely different look as you can see on the photo above.

Look what you can do with just one crochet stitch. The possibilities are endless. How wonderful is that?!

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