#1 Meet us!

#1 Meet us!
9 May 2018 Koen
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#1 Meet us!

Welcome everyone to the very first article on our blog. My name is Koen and I will be your author today.

I will tell you everything about Yarn and Colors in this article. You can read about our brand, some of our history, our founder, our team, our new online brand store and the answers to your social media questions.

Are you ready? I wish you a lot of fun while reading.

The Brand

Let’s start of by introducing our brand. Yarn and Colors was founded in the Netherlands in 2016 with one purpose. To inspire every crocheter and knitter worldwide. How do we want to do this in the big world of crafts? By keeping it simple. Yarn and Colors is all about:

  • YARN – sourced with care to bring you quality.
  • COLORS – every yarn is based on the original 100 colors.
  • ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES – we gather inspiration, worldwide.

And we do all of that just to make you happy. We all want to enjoy our free time don’t we?


Meet our 100 colors.

But what else can you tell us about Yarn and Colors? Well, the company was founded by a man. Yes, I hear you thinking, a man in the world of yarn. Before starting Yarn and Colors he worked at a Dutch yarn shop as a purchase manager. His main job was to buy yarn collections from brands all over the world. But soon he faced some typical frustrations that occur in this market. To name a few: discontinued articles, discontinued colors and weird color ranges that lack certain shades. Sounds familiar right? It was because of these obstructions that formed the foundation for Yarn and Colors.

In order to solve these frustrations he quit his job, wrote a solid plan and started the brand. And this event already happened two years ago. During these two years our brand grew fast. We now offer 9 different yarns, 3 kits and have much to add in the future.

Meet our yarn collection.

The founder

After reading everything about our brand, you might be wondering, who is that man you are talking about!? My name is Koen and I am the founder of Yarn and Colors. And today I will share a small glimpse of my life.


At the time of writing I am 27 years old and born and raised in the Netherlands. In this small country I live together with my wife and two kids. Since 2016 I am the proud owner of Yarn and Colors. It is my responsibility to take care of everything within this company. I am literally the jack-of-all-trades.

The Team

But luckily I do not run Yarn and Colors all by myself ;-). We run the company from our headquarters that is located in Utrecht, about 20 minutes from Amsterdam. Want to meet us? Check us out below!

#1 top left: Tessa – our designer and jack-of-all-trades. Everything you see on paper or bigger is designed by her.

#2 top right: Manon – our “Basic by Yarn and Colors” kit designer. She already published three kits, you can check them out in our shop.

#3 bottom left: Annemarie – is also a kit designer. But she works on our “Colorful by Yarn and Colors” theme. Her first kit will be launched soon.

#4 bottom right: Suzanne – designs a lot of (free) patterns. Soon you will see more patterns after the new section of the site is finished.

The team behind Yarn and Coolors.

The Brand store 

In March 2018 we launched our new platform called the “online brand store”. The goal of this new website is to display everything Yarn and Colors has to offer in a single place. Below a summary of the functions included up till now.

  1. One place where you can buy every article in the Yarn and Colors collection. We also ship worldwide!
  2. An overview of all partners that offer Yarn and Colors in their collection. Select your favorite store and go directly to their website.
  3. Weekly posts on our blog to inspire you with new content. In the near future we will also add new authors to write articles.

And we want to add a lot more to our brand store. Stay tuned because the first major update will be online this month.

Meet our online brand store!

Social questions

We also asked you on Instagram and Facebook if you had any questions for us. Below you can see the answers.

  1. Can you knit or crochet? Asked by @hipenhandgemaaktbylin

Yes, I can crochet but only the very, very basics. This includes a double crochet and a chain. But luckily I get help from my team and craft veterans to create beautiful designs.

  1. What is your favorite color? Asked by @sietsaandehaak

My favorite color? That would be 072 Glass, for now ;-).

  1. Where is Yarn and Colors available? Asked by @deal52 and others

We received several questions where you can buy Yarn and Colors. Well, you can buy it from our webshop or at one of our partners. Our partners are located all over the world and can be checked on Stores page. However, we can point three partners out that ship worldwide: Loveknitting.com, Lovecrochet.com and Woolfull.com. Want to order from within Europe? Then you can also check Yarnplaza.com.

  1. When will Yarn and Colors add an acrylic to their range? Asked by @daily.dose.of.letters

We tried to add the acrylic to our program last year. However, we had to cancel this order because of the quality. Up to now we haven’t found a new supplier yet. But it is definitely an article we would like to add!

  1. Will Yarn and Colors add a very thing cotton for crochet hook 1 – 2 to their range? Asked by @jessieaugustijn

That is a good question! We are always open to hear what you would like to see in our collection. This yarn will be added to our wish list (yes, we also work with a wish list).

  1. Are you going to make a Charming shade card? Asked by @callieckurtz

In the end we want to have shade cards for all our articles. It was logical to create the Epic, Must-have and Must-have Minis cards first as they already have 100 shades. For our other yarns we might add more shades in the future. We will create shade cards when we think an article has enough color.

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