#8 Stitches – Crochet

#8 Stitches – Crochet
5 September 2018 Manon
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Crochet – Double Crochet

It’s time to take a look at a crochet stitch again. This time I’ve chosen a stitch that I hardly ever use in my designs. I don’t really know why I always seem to skip this stitch, it’s a great stitch that is really comfortable to create. Let me introduce you to the ‘Double Crochet’.

The abbreviation used in most crochet patterns for a double crochet (in British, treble crochet, ‘tb’) is ‘db’. In diagrams, a db is

To crochet a double crochet, follow these instructions:
– yarn over and poke your hook in the fourth chain from your hook (image 1)

– pull the yarn through the chain. There should be three loops on your hook now.

– yarn over again and pull the yarn through two hoops on your hook (image 2) There should still be two loops on your hook.

-yarn over one last time and pull the yarn through the two loops on your hook (image 3)

-there you have it, a double crochet! (image 4)

-head on to the next stitch and repeat (image 5)

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