#7 Stitches – Knitting

#7 Stitches – Knitting
20 July 2018 Manon
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Knitting – Seed stitch

Hello again! Great to have you reading the blog again. We’ll be taking a look at a beautiful knitting stitch today. The Seed stitch. I was very surprised by the effect this stitch had on all our different types of yarn. And I’m a massive fan of the swatches I made of our thicker yarns. Let’s take a look…

The seed stitch is a combination of knits and purls.  It’ll take a few rows to see the texture this stitch has, but after a while you’ll be able to see all little seeds. It’s as if a lot of little bumps have turned up on your project. I love it.


Row 1: K, P, K, P, K, P etc.

Row 2: P, K, P, K, P, K etc.

Repeat rows 1 and 2.


Knitting something using the moss stitch is an awful lot of work. Your yarn has to move from in front of your needle to behind your needle with every single stitch. You have to have quite a lot of patience before you even see anything happening. It’s a very mindful task (you really have to have a lot of willpower to get through this one 😉 ). I’d never dare use this stitch for a blanket, but my mother once knitted a gorgeous winter cardigan for my daughter using thick yarn. This was a really good project for the seed stitch.


Let’s take a look at our yarns and what they look like in a seed stitch swatch. This is, of course, just my opinion, but I do love the thicker yarns. Take a look at Fabulous, Charming and Epic. Fabulous shows the ‘seeds’ off most. Because of Charming’s mélange, the stitches seem to get slightly lost. What a shame. Usually I have only words of praise for our Epic yarn, but it doesn’t look that great in combination with this stitch. The twiny nature of the yarn makes it look like a bit of a mess. Fabulous is no doubt the winner of this round and it should win a shiny meddle to fit with its matt appearance.

Urban, Super Charming and Must-Have are up against  one another in the next round. And again, the thickest yarn gets the prize. When I knitted my Urban seed stitch swatch I got a lovely routine effect. You can see each and every knit and purl. Can you see the purls? They gave a sort of depth to the whole thing. I also really like the Super Charming swatch. When I used this stitch with its little sister, I lost my knits and purls but that’s not the case with this chunkier yarn. Both the stitch and the yarn do each other justice. That’s definitely not the case when it comes to the Must-Have swatch. It was really hard to get a routine effect when I used the seed stitch in combination with this yarn. I truly tried my best, but it isn’t exactly what I was hoping for. You can’t really recognize the ‘seeds’ anymore and it looks really untidy.

The last round of today’s blog sees Fresh and Super Must-Have go head to head. I’m very satisfied about the final result of my Super Must-Have swatch. Looking back, it might have been slightly better to use a smaller needle, but honestly, the swatch is already pretty great. Each and every individual stitch can be seen clearly and the combination of the twines and the shine really suit the seed stitch. But now, cast your eyes on my Fresh swatch! An absolute winner! My mind immediately makes plans to create a big living room cushion. A big 3×3 cushion for my little ones to nestle in and read a book. Sounds good, doesn’t it!

What is your favorite yarn / seed stitch combination? And what would you love to create?

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