#5 Stitches – Knitting

#5 Stitches – Knitting
22 June 2018 Manon
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Knitting – Purl stitch and the Stockinette stitch

We’re going to be taking a look at another knitting stitch in this blog: the purl stitch. And we’re going to find out how to use the purl stitch to make a stockinette stitch. I’ve used our color of the week again for this. This week’s color is number 084, ‘Pistachio’. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to everyone that follows me on Instagram or follows my blog that I don’t use this color often (just like the color of my last blog…), but I’m always up for a good challenge! And honestly, I’ve learnt to appreciate so many colors by now.
‘Pistachio’ can be found in any of our eight types of yarn so I’ll be comparing them all in this blog. Let’s go!

The purl stitch is shortened as ‘P’ in patterns and as  in diagrams. You can create a stockinette stitch by alternating between one row of knit stitches and one row of purl stitches. This creates a smooth project with arrows or v’s on the right side and bumps on the wrong side. It looks great! This stitch is used for lots of different types of clothing. Gorgeous cardigans or jumpers for example. I have so many ideas for projects already!

After casting stitches on to your needle you can create a purl by doing the following:

Make sure your yarn is on the front of your project. Come in from the right side of the stitch by poking your right needle through the loop on your left needle. (image 1)

Wrap the yarn (that is on the front of your project) around your right needle. Make sure to do this counter clockwise (image 2)

Bring the right needle down and back through the loop on your left needle whilst holding on to the thread you just wrapped around your needle (image 3)

Slide the loop off the end of your left needle. You should have a new stitch on your right needle. (image 4)

When you alternate between one row of knit stitches and one row of purl stitches you can see a stockinette stitch on the right side of your project.  Take a look what a stockinette stitch looks like with our Fabulous.

One of the traits of the stockinette stitch is that each project you make using this stitch will start to curl inwards. This is why I’ve chosen to use the knit stitch for the edges of my swatches. This way I can show you what the stockinette stitch will look like on all of our yarns without them curling inwards. Don’t worry though! When knitting clothes using the stockinette stitch the way the seams are sewed make sure that your jumpers don’t roll themselves up.

The first two yarns we’ll be taking a look at are the thinnest of them all; Must-Have and Charming. When we put these two next to one another you can clearly see how fluffy Charming is and how smooth Must have is. Charming is made up of a tiny tunnel of cotton thread that envelop the acrylic blown through it. This makes it look so cuddly and soft.

When I was purling using Must Have my mind immediately wandered to a cute little sun suit for a summer baby. (no, I’m not pregnant… But one of my friends is and I can’t stop obsessing about the things I want to knit for her baby.) Charming could totally be used for a wintery jumpsuit too though…

Super Must Have, Epic and Super Charming are our slightly thicker yarns. All three of these yarns look great in a stockinette stitch too. Can you spot the difference between these three yarns? Allthough they’re all the same color, the composition of these two yarns give a completely different effect. Super Must Have is 100% cotton, just like Epic, but, unlike Epic, Super Must Have has been mercerised (it’s been treated in a way that has made the yarn very shiny). The Epic swatch I made has me throwing it back to my student days when I used a bright green marker on everything. Pistachio in insane!

The mix of cotton (66%) and acrylic (34%) used in Super Charming gives a completely different version of this color. There is a lot more nuance in this piece of knitting. Some bits are much brighter than other. The stockinette stitch gives us a look at all of those hues.

Urban and Fabulous both look totally different in this color and using this stitch. They both contain acrylics, Fabulous is 50% acrylic and Urban 85%. The other 50% in Fabulous is cotton and the other 15% in Urban is wool and it is because of this that they both look completely different. Urban combined with a stockinette stitch almost looks like a plait, it’s awesome to see how yarn can do this! Seeing Fabulous knitted into a stockinette stitch makes me want to knit a nice jumper.

This swatch of Fresh looks nice and warm. The stockinette stitches are so close and cozy together, so that might be it. And doesn’t the yarn look great in this picture. Fresh always looks so great when it’s on your knitting needles. What would you knit with Fresh?

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