#4 stitches – crochet

#4 stitches – crochet
8 June 2018 Manon
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crochet – back loop only

Today we’ll be taking a look at another crochet stitch. I’ve chosen to take a look at a variation on the single crochet. Crocheting a single crochet through only the back loop (in British we say crocheting a double crochet through the back loop only). The stitch is exactly the same as a regular single crochet but now you only crochet into the back loop.

Crocheting into the back loop is abbreviated as ‘blo’. This stitch gives each project a ribbed look. You can still see that you’ve used a single crochet but your project gets a little more texture. It’s gorgeous!

Once again I got out my stash of Yarn and Colors yarns and tried the stitch out on each and every one of them. And yet again, I’ve been surprised by the diversity! It’s so funny to see how one and the same stitch can look so different. And I haven’t even played around with different sized hooks. Using different sized hooks with one type of yarn can make a huge difference to your project with this stitch as well.

I used almost the same crochet needle size when I crocheted the Super Must Have (size 6) and Epic (size 5) so I could compare the yarns with one another. Because Super Must Have is a little shiny it looks even more textured than it actually is. Epics matte nature gives it a smoother look.

I’ve decided to compare our two Charming sisters with one another again. By combining the  mélange effect these yarns have, with a stitch that creates texture you can bet they’ll bring home all the prizes! I used the hook size given on the label but this has caused the squares to become quite stiff. In the future, I’d prefer to use a slightly bigger hook when crocheting into the back loop with Charming .

I used the same color (this week’s color, 052 Orchid) for these Urban and Fabulous squares. The contrast between our fluffy and shiny Urban and our matte and rugged Fabulous is great. I’d love to make home deco projects using these yarns and this stitch. I could imagine making a Fabulous blanket or an Urban pillow.

Our biggest and smallest members of the Yarn and Colors family are Must Have and Fresh. I used the same color in these squares, don’t they look silly side by side like that? I only made four squiggles in my Fresh square but needed to make 12 in my Must Have! I’ve crocheted into many a back loop in the countless cacti I’ve made using Must Have. They’re great presents to bring along as a gift. It’s a great alternative to a bunch of flowers and crocheted cacti definitely live much longer. If I were to crochet a cactus using Super Must Have it would be huge! How cool is that?!

We’ll be releasing a new kit soon and this new kit is all about crocheting into the back loop and yet again the stitch looks completely different. Here’s  a little sneak peek especially for you… Stay tuned for more and see you soon!

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