#3 Stitches – Knitting

#3 Stitches – Knitting
25 May 2018 Manon
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Knitting – knit stitch

Thanks for joining me again! This time we’ll be taking a look at a knitting stitch.  We’re going to start with the basics and I’ll show you which effect a knit stitch can have when using different types of Yarn and Colors yarn.

A knit stitch is shortened as K in patterns and as a white square in diagrams. If you knit two rows of knit stitch after one another it’s called a garter stitch. A knit stitch gives a nice, smooth look. It is an easy stitch and one of my favorites. Because it’s so easy there are many uses for this stitch.

After casting stitches on to your needle you can create a knit stitch by doing the following:

Place your right needle on the left side of the loop under your left needle and poke it through the loop on your left needle (image 1).

Wrap the yarn around the back of the needles staying under both needles (image 2).

Bring the right needle down and through the loop whilst holding on to the thread you just wrapped around your needle (image 3).

The right needle should now be back above the left needle. Slide the loop off the end of your left needle (image 4).

There you have it, your first new stitch on your right needle! (image 5)

When you look at the Must-Have and Super Must-Have squares, you can see how different a stitch can look when you use thicker yarn. Both of these yarns are made up of 100% mercerized cotton but have a different thickness. Take a look at Super Must-Have. You can see the twists in this yarn really well. Must-Have also has that signature twist in it, but because its much smaller the twists are less obvious. Both of the yarns have a gorgeous shine to them. I would love to use the knit stitch to turn this yarn into a soft baby hat.

The garter stitch that I’ve created using Fabulous and Epic also looks great. The color I used in the square I made using Fabulous looks like velour. I absolutely adore that Fabulous can give you this look. I used this yarn and this stitch in the Loose Fit Jumper (soon to be released!). Because I used big knitting needles for this project the jumper looks very loose and it feels very supple.
If only you could reach through your screen and feel the square I made using Epic. It’s unbelievably soft! I’ve been daydreaming about turning this yarn into a huge blanket to get cozy under during the summer…

In the squares I made using Charming and Super Charming you can see the mélange that these yarns are known so well for very clearly. Can you see what an effect color can have?
You can see the white threads that are hidden in Super Charming (using 074 Opaline Glass) so clearly in the square that I knitted. In the square I made using Charming (using 073 Jade Gravel) you need to look very closely for the mélange texture.

What would you make with our Charmings?

The garter stitches I did using our really thick yarns are like yoga for my eyes (even if that sounds very strange!). The wavy patterns made with Fresh are just delicious.

Urban looks so soft and cuddly and that gives the yarn a completely unique feel. I think I’d really enjoy knitting a simple scarf with Urban. I could almost start looking forward to winter. But that will have to wait a while yet…

It’s amazing to see how many different things you can do using just one stitch but different types of knitting needles and yarns. The possibilities are endless. Enjoy!

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